John P Kalinich wrote:
Here is an article by the founder of ADR, the company that sued IBM.

You're correct - I was having a senior moment, thinking ADR, but writing AMS (perhaps because I had just exchanged mail related to AMS a bit earlier).

Statements be Marty Goetz need to be taken with a large dose of salt. He could probably excuse his lack of mention of the 709x version of Autoflow due to lack of space, but it was my first big project at ADR, and I take umbrage at the omission. Mike Guzik and I did all the work (Mike did the lexical analyzer and layout; I did the graphical output [SC-4020, etc.]). Originally this was a four person project, but two dropped out, and Mike and I finished two months early. What Marty doesn't mention is that their best selling Librarian was developed despite his objections; by then Mike and I were carrying around trays of cards, and Mike decided there had to be a better way, and drew up preliminary specs on what he wanted. Marty said no, and Mike threatened to resign; as a compromise he got limited funds, but at the end of six months they already had enough beta testers to pay for it several times over, so Marty saw the light and continued development. Or that Marty insisted on running Roscoe with TIME=1440, which back then avoided any and all SMF exits (Marty dared Shmuel/Seymour to do something about it - he went to the reader/interpreter fiche, found two 1440 constants, and zapped them to 1439); or that they got it working for 2741s only by applying BTAM zaps that prevented 2740s from working on the same system.

Gerhard Postpischil
Bradford, VT

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