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And being the world's worst speller, I would have made the same
mistake.   If I were cynical I might even think the name of the
session was intended to be misinterpreted.

We looked at the session manager product a year or 2 ago.
Hopefully the product has been improved since then.  And hopefully
sales people currently pushing it understand it better than the ones
presenting the product to us.   They perhaps knew something about
the session manager part; they knew *nothing* about the Tn3270
server part.  They had no idea that their lack of support for Tn3270E
implied that their Tn3270 server was about 10 years out of date.

Considering that IBM already has (IMO) a good Tn3270(E) server
and 2 pretty good session managers, trying to foist this product
off rather than implementing the support in their existing products
was more of an insult than a compliment.  (And I'm not really so
sure that eliminating that intermediate VTAM step between the
Tn3270 server and the session manager is worth much effort in
the first place.)

Hopefully the other complementary tools have more going for them.

Pat O'Keefe


We looked at it when it first came out (20 or 30 years ago). We had users clamoring for hardcopy of their TSO sessions for reports etc. All we had were 3270's so a user in frustration (long story deleted) get one of our vendors to support a local 2741. This was with TCAM (at the time) and we had no end of problems we finally told the user we would not support the machine anymore. The user went back to NCSS (?/some time sharing service) to get hardcopy. We tried to interest the user(s) in session manager just for HC. They did not like it for various reasons. They were remote so I never really got a clear reason as to why, although I *THINK* it was to complex. I had played around with in on PALO Alto system once or twice and it was "OK" nothing to get excited about though. I still recommended it for people who needed hardcopy though. I am trying to remember if it first came out as a FDP or a PP. My memory is not there on this one.

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