Things may have changed since I was an undergrad, but around that time there 
some court ruling in California to the effect that merely posting 'No 
Trespassing' signs had no legal weight unless 'trespassers' were periodically 
locked out. So one day a year the entire campus was closed to outside traffic 
just to prove that the postings were enforced--and therefore enforceable. It 
was a great inconvenience to everyone, and the practice may have since been 
discontinued. The consequences of being unable to prosecute trespassers were 
deemed too grave not take preemptory action. 

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The value of such disclaimer is much less than "private area" sign on the 
ground. The last really oblige trespasser.
However IMHO none of us is able to get rid of the disclaimer.
Of course, the choice is not to use corporate e-mail, but ...nowadays many 
organizations prohibit access to external mail services.
Catch 22.
Or just get accustomed to ignore the bullsh*t.

Radoslaw Skorupka
Lodz, Poland

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