On 2016-09-18, at 18:46, Jesse 1 Robinson wrote:

> Things may have changed since I was an undergrad, but around that time there 
> some court ruling in California to the effect that merely posting 'No 
> Trespassing' signs had no legal weight unless 'trespassers' were periodically 
> locked out. So one day a year the entire campus was closed to outside traffic 
> just to prove that the postings were enforced--and therefore enforceable. It 
> was a great inconvenience to everyone, and the practice may have since been 
> discontinued. The consequences of being unable to prosecute trespassers were 
> deemed too grave not take preemptory action. 
See:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adverse_possession

I understand the initial intent of the law was to provide equity
in cases of long-established survey errors.  Colorado now requires
bona fides.

-- gil

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