Roach, Dennis wrote:

>We need to verify that our certificates are not about to expire. I tried 
>ssh-certview and get the following messages:
>1.       ssh2/ Failed to open `.ssh2/': 
>Character set conversions not initialized: cannot convert from 'IBM-1047' to 
>2.       ssh-certview: Failed to autodetect the object type.
>3.       Trying to decode the public key file - failed.
>Anyone have an idea?

A$$uming your certs are in RACF, you could try out J.O. Skip Robinson's 
excellent suggestion. (RACDCERT CERTAUTH or

From z/OS v2.1, there is a Health Check where you can see all Certificates soon 
to expire in 60 days. 

If there are any such certs, you will see IRRH276E.

Sorry, but I am for now not familiar with ssh-certview. Something for me to 
RTFM about... ;-)

PS: What is 'Tectia 6.4'?

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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