Reposting after some RTFM about Tectia and ssh-certview ;-)

That is an interesting product, not too bad. (

Roach, Dennis wrote:

>>We need to verify that our certificates are not about to expire. I tried 
>>ssh-certview and get the following messages:
>>1.       ssh2/ Failed to open `.ssh2/': 
>>Character set conversions not initialized: cannot convert from 'IBM-1047' to 
>>2.       ssh-certview: Failed to autodetect the object type.
>>3.       Trying to decode the public key file - failed.
>>Anyone have an idea?

Can you perhaps post just the first two or three lines of that file? Perhaps 
the encoding scheme is not correct or you need some parameter to correctly read 
 that file.

You can place that file in a dataset and then try out RACF to check that file's 

RACDCERT CHECKCERT(<dataset containing your certificate>)

Alternatively, can you contact the vendor about this?

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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