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I read in places where IBM gives both pros and cons to running USS with a code 
page other than 1047, if for example your 3270 terminal emulator is set to 
Danish.   I also find instructions such as this, though I'm not sure if this is 
all that is necessary to switch USS encoding:


I'm curious how common it is for people to system wide set USS to be in a code 
page other than 1047 which matches their 3270 emulator?

If so, is this statement true for code points that don't match?  The shell 
script will fail if it has $ or curly braces or brackets, etc., characters 
outside of that cp.

What happens if I use putty or similar ssh client and then edit a shell script 
using vi?  Would that be the same as using ISHELL to edit the same shell 
script, and my 3270 emulator is set to 1143?

Apologies if my questions aren't clear, as this topic isn't very clear to me at 
the moment.  Hopefully someone with experience with this will help me 
understand it better.

Well, I always use non-US codepage on my 3270 emulator. Reason: I'm Pole, speak Polish, sometimes write Polish naational characters. ;-) Usually I use CP 870, but there is also similar codepage with EURO sign. For C programming I've used to use CP 1047 [brackets]. However we don't set anything in USS. It's not needed for text (with polish characters) writing or reading.

BTW: Polish codepage is a little bit tricky even on MVS side, REXX concatenation sign, usually called pipe: ||
In Polish 3270 I see exclamation, so I have to code !!
Note, the exclamation mark is not part of Polich characer set, it's just punctuation mark, like in other languages (maybe with exception for Spain)

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