"I believe COBOL V5 stated that recompile would work for correct programs. I 
don't know if that statement is true or not, or what exactly is definitively 
meant by "correct", but I think that ABO's more conservative approach is 
expected to work even for programs that do not work upon recompile with COBOL 
V5. Of course once one error has been found in an implementation, most bets are 
off. "

My interpretation is this: "If the program is written in such a way that it 
complies with what is explicitly documented for the version of Enterprise COBOL 
that the program was last compiled with, that documentation being the 
appropriate Language Reference, Programming Guide and Migration Guide, and that 
all the data referenced by the given program "complies with its PICture", then 
that will work in an identical manner with Enterprise COBOL V5+."

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