Vernooij, Kees (ITOPT1) - KLM wrote:

>Control-M uses message IGD101I for dataset triggering: when a data set has 
>been created, as indicated by IGD101I, a job must be triggered.

Isn't that Control-O which scans the SYSLOG? Or am I missing something in your 

>We see every now and then that the triggering is not working, because IGD101I 
>is not produced, although the dataset has been created.
>We don't have any clue on what makes IGD101I not appear in some situations: it 
>happens in different runs of the same job, on same system, in the same step, 
>with the same results, for nearly the same dataset, in the same SMS Storage 

Hmmm. Weird. Is this for the same HLQ ? RACF blocking? out of volser space? Or 
something in the job overriding the ACS routines? Your ACS may suppress it by 
some logic AFAIK.

Alternative - Are your Control-O not suppressing the message conditionally?

>Anybody recognized this or has an idea where to look?

Show us your Control-M (or O) rules + conditions and your job + the messages 
for successfull triggering and unsuccesfull triggering.

I need to see the time, conditions and status of that rule when triggering is 
supposed to go.

What is your Control-M log showing?

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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