Radoslaw Skorupka wrote:

>Note: every MIPS table can differ slightly due to "meaningless" value of MIPS. 

"meaningless"! Hahaha! 

Are there alternatives to MIPS? Service Units? Dispatch speed? Other 
measurement methods?

Also, what mixture of instructions [on what hardware type!] are used to 
calculate that MIPS?

For me, MIPS is 'useful', but with the usual disclaimers, cautions, pinch of 
salt, etc. With that value, you can estimate in a way how that machine can 
handle a specific workload mix, or for the OP, how many x records (SMF, SYSLOG, 
etc) it can process in wallclock time hh:mm:ss.

Using IBM, Cheryl Watson, Gartner, etc. MIPS tables are somewhat useful for 
comparing machine X with machine Y and justify your costs and overhead.

I am still curious about the OP's goal.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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