I would think that in some part of this process it asked if you had PL/I.  If
you do not have it, then there should be some way to let the product know not to
include PL/I modules.

The product structure for PL/I has changed from the previous PL/I version. Most
JCL and CLISTs that link-edit a PL/I application using the OS PL/I library must
be changed. These changes include:

    The OS PL/I multitasking library PLITASK has been replaced by SIBMTASK,
which is required to have multitasking support. SIBMTASK must be concatenated
before SCEELKED.

    Note that Enterprise PL/I for z/OS does not currently support multitasking.
Language Environment continues to support PL/I multitasking for PL/I for MVS &
VM as well as previous, supported levels of the PL/I product.
    The PLIBASE and SIBMBASE libraries have been replaced by:
        SCEELKED, which contains resident routines that are linked with the
application and are used to resolve external references at link-edit time.
        SIBMMATH, which contains the stubs for old OS PL/I V2R3 math library
routines. In link-edit steps, this library must precede SCEELKED if old math
results are desired in a particular executable program.
        SIBMCALL, which is required to provide PLICALLA and PLICALLB
compatibility if PL/I for MVS & VM applications use OS PL/I PLICALLA or PLICALLB
as an entry point. SIBMCALL must be concatenated before SCEELKED.
        SIBMCAL2, which is very similar to SIBMCALL, but is only used with
Enterprise PL/I for z/OS.

    SCEELKED and SIBMCAL2 are the only libraries that apply for Enterprise PL/I
for z/OS.

If it is looking for SIBMCALL then it is probably going to want the PLICALLA and
PLICALLB modules.


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> Subject: CALLLIBS and non-existent library
> During SMP/E installation of some product APPLY fails because there is no
> SIBMCALL dddef.
> This is part of PL/I which I don't have.
> PL/I is not a prerequisite of the product.
> Any clue?
> My wild ideas:
> 1. Define DDDEF entry for SIBMCALL and point to SYS1.LINKLIB or empty loadlib.
> 2. Edit MCS to remove SIBMCALL from the list.
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> Radoslaw Skorupka
> Lodz, Poland

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