On Thu, 1 Dec 2016 15:23:21 +0100, R.S. wrote:

>During SMP/E installation of some product APPLY fails because there is 
>no SIBMCALL dddef.
>This is part of PL/I which I don't have.
>PL/I is not a prerequisite of the product.
>Any clue?

Obvious answer: ask the vendor.

CALLLIBS is the way you tell SMP/E to provide a SYSLIB concatenation 
(may be just one library) to the binder. The binder will try to find 
modules there to resolve any unresolved external references.

Did the link edit fail, or was the link edit not done?

If the link edit step failed with unresolved references, I'd look at it 
and try to figure out where those modules reside. I'd expect that 
they are in some LE library, and that is the data set you need for 
SIBMCALL. You may need LILST and XREF to help you figure it out.

If the link edit step was skipped, include a DD for SIBMCALL pointing 
to an empty data set and look at the link to determine what modules 
are needed.

>2. Edit MCS to remove SIBMCALL from the list.

Not a good idea.

Tom Marchant

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