I had this problem some time ago with some optional part of an IBM product that 
I had chosen not to install but then got flak during PTF APPLY. The advice I 
got was that if no code would ever actually be needed, just point to 
SYS1.LINKLIB. If SMP/E ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 

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W dniu 2016-12-01 o 17:08, Tom Marchant pisze:
> On Thu, 1 Dec 2016 15:23:21 +0100, R.S. wrote:
>> During SMP/E installation of some product APPLY fails because there 
>> is no SIBMCALL dddef.
>> This is part of PL/I which I don't have.
>> PL/I is not a prerequisite of the product.
>> Any clue?
> Obvious answer: ask the vendor.
> CALLLIBS is the way you tell SMP/E to provide a SYSLIB concatenation 
> (may be just one library) to the binder. The binder will try to find 
> modules there to resolve any unresolved external references.
> Did the link edit fail, or was the link edit not done?
> If the link edit step failed with unresolved references, I'd look at 
> it and try to figure out where those modules reside. I'd expect that 
> they are in some LE library, and that is the data set you need for 
> SIBMCALL. You may need LILST and XREF to help you figure it out.
> If the link edit step was skipped, include a DD for SIBMCALL pointing 
> to an empty data set and look at the link to determine what modules 
> are needed.
>> 2. Edit MCS to remove SIBMCALL from the list.
> Not a good idea.

The vendor is IBM. The PL/I is not a part or prerequsite of the product (SQL 
Performance Analyzer).
According to some suggestions I got off-list I defined SIBMCALL entry pointing 
to dummy load library.
APPLY CHECK ended with RC=0
APPLY ended with RC=4  and some GIM23913W in SMPOUT and some IEW2480W + 
IEW2482W in SMP000nn.

However I feel unhappy with such approach. Program Directory should explain 
scenario with no SIBMCALL in the system.

Radoslaw Skorupka
Lodz, Poland

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