We have a batch job that abends with the above code when creating a temp file 
on a model-54 volume. We are in the middle of a data migration, and model-54s 
are being allocated to this pool. However, we still have model-27s which will 
be removed at a later stage. What I have done to bypass the issue is to disable 
the model-54s as I noticed that batch job does not abend if the temp file is 
written to the model-27s. 
Can somebody shed light on this issue - in simple terms please :) ? 

IEC026I 637-BC,IFG0553P,NDCP351Z,SPDT02,CONCAT,82AF,APWKA2,  375     
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  376                                     
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=637  REASON CODE=000000BC                     

//TOOLMSG  DD SYSOUT=*                                           
//DFSMSG   DD SYSOUT=*                                           
//IN1      DD DSN=PNGG00.DCPACK.NDCP351Z.EXTRACT.DTL,            
//            DISP=SHR                                           
//IN2      DD DSN=PNGG00.DCPACK.NDCP351Z.EXTRACT.NP02,           
//            DISP=SHR                                           
//TEMP1    DD DSN=&&SPDT021,DISP=(,PASS),SPACE=(CYL,(2000,2000)),
//            UNIT=(SYSDA,20)                                    
//TEMP2    DD DSN=&&SPDT022,DISP=(,PASS),SPACE=(CYL,(2000,2000)),
//            UNIT=(SYSDA,20)                                    
//         DD DSN=*.TEMP2,VOL=REF=*.TEMP2,DISP=(OLD,PASS)        
//         DISP=(,PASS),UNIT=(SYSDA,4),                          
//         SPACE=(CYL,(1500,200),RLSE),                          
//         DCB=(LRECL=1477,RECFM=FB,BLKSIZE=0)                   


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