Jake Anderson wrote:

>Is there any constraint when we are taking SVCDUMP ? Are there any CPU spike 
>due to SVCDUMP ?

It depends. Sometimes you get a CPU spike or something slows down your system. 
YMMV of course.

It also depends on how the application or job is handling the dump itself.

>Generally what are the factors needs to be considered while taking SVCDUMP ?

Check Kees good reply to you. The command he gave is a good starting point.

Also look in your PARMLIB to see how your DD and CD commands are setup. These 
commands are usually in COMMNDxx or IEACMDxx.

Depending on the dump, you may need to add the right DD statement to your STC 
or job ___before__ taking a dump.

Are you also going to set a SLIP? 

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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