SVCDUMPs can go to SYS1.DUMPx or a dynamic allocation based on your settings in 

Look at the mvs command for Dump Datasets (DD) for what your shop is using.

See this link:

SVC Dumps can contain as much or as little as specified.  Some products dump a 
large amount of control blocks (Think DB2) 

So just a few.

The Dump process has a Dataspace it dumps to.  So the process is fast.  Once 
the Dump goes to the dataspace, it is then dumped to your designated SVC Dump 

A quick search on the for SVCDUMP DD pulls up this link

It should be a good starting point.

How SVCDUMP behaves is going to be dependent on how you have it set up.  There 
is not a one size fits all process.


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> Hi
> General questions. Since when we set SAD for zOS we keep that based on the
> size of Real storage.
> When we are setting up an SVCDUMP for a particular product. How does that
> dumping takes place ? Is it only the control block occupied by the specific
> product ? Or it scans the entire RSM dedicated to the OS ?
> On 08-Aug-2017 3:56 PM, "Elardus Engelbrecht" <
>> wrote:
> > Jake Anderson wrote:
> >
> > >Is there any constraint when we are taking SVCDUMP ? Are there any
> > >CPU
> > spike due to SVCDUMP ?
> >
> > It depends. Sometimes you get a CPU spike or something slows down your
> > system. YMMV of course.
> >
> > It also depends on how the application or job is handling the dump itself.
> >
> >
> > >Generally what are the factors needs to be considered while taking
> >
> > Check Kees good reply to you. The command he gave is a good starting point.
> >
> > Also look in your PARMLIB to see how your DD and CD commands are setup.
> > These commands are usually in COMMNDxx or IEACMDxx.
> >
> > Depending on the dump, you may need to add the right DD statement to
> > your STC or job ___before__ taking a dump.
> >
> > Are you also going to set a SLIP?
> >
> > Groete / Greetings
> > Elardus Engelbrecht

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