>Are there any CPU spike due to SVCDUMP ?

Of course there is. An SVC Dump takes a lot of cycles. And of course there 
is a spike in the consumption of frames needed to capture the data 
(whether that is real or auxiliary storage). z/OS attempts to make sure 
that this frame consumption does not have a significantly adverse affect 
on the rest of the system.

>Generally what are the factors needs to be considered while taking 

I'd think that your primary consideration is to try to make sure that SVC 
Dump is capturing the data that you need it to capture to diagnose the 
problem for which you are taking the dump, via such keywords as LIST, 

In general, the system is set non-dispatchable until SVC Dump captures 
(not writes to data set) common storage, and the individual address 
space(s) being dumped are set non-dispatchable until their storage is 
captured. As with just about everything, there are exceptions. But if you 
want a "good" dump (i.e., one with consistent data), those things will 
have to happen

Peter Relson
z/OS Core Technology Design

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