On 8/3/17 10:13 AM, Tony Thigpen wrote:

1) The ip address has to be available from SE laptop in the cpu. If you have the connections between the HMC and the SE on a isolated network, then the ftp box has to also be on that same isolated network.

We have our HMC on an internal company network so it can be accessed from anywhere, even remotely via VPN. Is there any good technical reason why the SE can't also be on that network for better access to FTP servers in our organization? I realize that having the SE on a separate private network might be better security, but that caused some grief recently. We needed to import an IOCDS into our z13, but that file was in our headquarters office. Because port forwarding isn't enabled on the HMC, so we couldn't get access to the FTP server hosting the IOCDS.

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