There are some reasons why you would interconnect the SE's with your company 
network.  In our environment, each SE has 2 lan adapters.  One going to private 
network, one going to company network.

1) If you use BCPII in System Automation, there has to be IP connectivity 
between the LPAR's and the SE's
2) If you are in a multi-cec environment across separate data centers, and you 
want to define all CEC's to all HMC's for redundancy, then you have to attach 
your SE's to your company network.
3) If you use an appliance to provide NTP time to your mainframes, the SE's 
need connectivity to the company network to reach that appliance.

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We don't let *anybody* into the network between the HMC and the SE. Too many 
SEs have default passwords on some of the 'special' IDs that can not be easily 

We bought a small two-nic nas box and placed it on both the SE network and the 
company network. IOCPs and ICCs go to it as an interim location. 
I.E., copy the IOCP to the nas. Then, access the nas via the company network. 
You could just add another nic card to your FTP server, but make sure that the 
server has all routing turned off.

Also, we set the default route on the SE to An additional protection 
against anybody getting into that network segment.

Tony Thigpen

Eric Chevalier wrote on 08/08/2017 04:42 PM:
> On 8/3/17 10:13 AM, Tony Thigpen wrote:
>> 1) The ip address has to be available from SE laptop in the cpu. If 
>> you have the connections between the HMC and the SE on a isolated 
>> network, then the ftp box has to also be on that same isolated network.
> We have our HMC on an internal company network so it can be accessed 
> from anywhere, even remotely via VPN. Is there any good technical 
> reason why the SE can't also be on that network for better access to 
> FTP servers in our organization? I realize that having the SE on a 
> separate private network might be better security, but that caused 
> some grief recently. We needed to import an IOCDS into our z13, but 
> that file was in our headquarters office. Because port forwarding 
> isn't enabled on the HMC, so we couldn't get access to the FTP server hosting 
> the IOCDS.
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