I appreciate this discussion is about z13s etc, just wanted you to be aware of 
SE/HMC changes with the z14 announcement. Additional details in the z14 
Technical Guide Redbook - SG24-8451

FTP Support Element through the HMC, Securely via Proxy

With this change the SE will no longer directly access FTP servers, but instead 
will do secure FTP communications between the HMCs and SEs. Secured via 
IBM-supplied certificates.
This enhancement also allows the SEs to remain on a 'Dedicated LAN' between the 
HMCs and SEs, and the FTP servers can be on the 2nd HMC outward LAN for Problem 
Call Home, automation, web browsing, etc.

FTP to HMC - List of updated tasks

System Input/Output Configuration Analyzer
Analyze Console Internal Code
Change Console Internal Code
Save Upgrade Data
Configure Backup Settings/Backup Crit. Console Data
Load from Removable Media or Server
FCP Configuration
OSA Advanced Facilities → Manual Config Options
Export WWPNs
Audit log Scheduled Operations
Export/Import IOCDS
Save/Restore Customizable Console Data
Crypto Config
View/Archive Security Logs

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