There was a product you could purchase called SoftAudit.  It could do some of
what you are looking for (If I remember correctly)

The other options some shops took, was having their programs issue a WTO
indicating what module called what.  Probably well past what you could work with
at this point.

Another option was to create a calling program, that would cut an user SMF
record to collect some of this data.

Where you are at, you might need to purchase a product, like SoftAudit, that
could do some of this analysis.  

I think it would be very difficult to actually identify anything that is
executed from a LINK, XCTL, or LOAD function.  Very little in SMF other than the
pgmname that can be captured.  If you are asking - Can I identify when a
subroutine SUBA is called - probably not.  If you want to know when MAINA is
used, probably yes

What you could do is download from CBTTAPE.ORG the utility DAF (Dataset Audit
      File # 094 DAF from Mike Cleary - Dataset Audit Facility

It can read all SMF Data and provide summary information based on

   Program Name
   Job Name 

And so forth.

I used it recently to see anything touching a specific library or program name.
It was very helpful.

You can see if DAF can help.

Hope that helps.


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> Subject: Any SMF statistics available for LOAD of a program?
> As the subject says, are there any such SMF statistics available?  We need to
> know if certain subroutines are ever LOADed anywhere in the sysplex by any
> batch program.  We do collect SMF data, but I need to know which one may
> help, if any.
> I am not the systems programmer here, so I do not have access to any systems-
> level SMF parameter information or operator commands, I have to request that
> information from the performance team.  I am just an application programmer
> trying to track information down to aid an application project.
> TIA for any assistance you can provide.
> Peter
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