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>Im not aware of any method using existing system services to track execution 
>of subroutines below PGM=.   It would certainly be helpful to us, as we have 
>(I'm) many old application programs that pollute our system, but no one knows 
>if they are in use or not.  This is becoming somewhat of a issue for us as we 
>are starting the migration to EC V6.1, and are forced to minimally 
>convert/recompile OS VS programs, and some VS Cobol II.   I am pretty sure of 
>the thousands of these we have, there is a large percentage that are not in 
>use.   Oh well, that will be the problem for the application teams to figure 
>out I guess.   ;)
In the distant (over 25 years ago), I did long running GTF traces for
LOAD, LINK and ATTACH and analyzed the results.  Also if all of the
subroutines are CALLed using CALL 'module-name' the source can be
parsed to detect this using programs written in language of choice
including COBOL.  If called by the COBOL construct CALL data-name or
the equivalent in other languages, this condition can at least be

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>Subject: Re: Any SMF statistics available for LOAD of a program?
>Unfortunately I have no access to any SMF data here and I am prohibited from 
>running DCOLLECT for myself by security rules, so DAF while no doubt useful to 
>others is not much use to me here.
>These are old dynamically LOADed and called COBOL subroutines that we are not 
>sure of the actual usage.  If they ever do get LOADed and called they will 
>DISPLAY identifying information in SYSOUT, but that then requires reading the 
>SYSOUT archive extensively to determine whether they were ever actually used.  
>That also only answers the question of usage for as far back as the SYSOUT 
>archive holds, which can be an issue if actual usage is (for instance) yearly 
>or less often.
>Archive scanning is tedious but doable.  My initial request was part of 
>deciding whether we need to use the tedious path or not.
>Thanks again for your prompt reply.
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>Subject: Re: Any SMF statistics available for LOAD of a program?
>There was a product you could purchase called SoftAudit.  It could do some of 
>what you are looking for (If I remember correctly)
>The other options some shops took, was having their programs issue a WTO 
>indicating what module called what.  Probably well past what you could work 
>with at this point.
>Another option was to create a calling program, that would cut an user SMF 
>record to collect some of this data.
>Where you are at, you might need to purchase a product, like SoftAudit, that 
>could do some of this analysis.  
>I think it would be very difficult to actually identify anything that is 
>executed from a LINK, XCTL, or LOAD function.  Very little in SMF other than 
>the pgmname that can be captured.  If you are asking - Can I identify when a 
>subroutine SUBA is called - probably not.  If you want to know when MAINA is 
>used, probably yes
>What you could do is download from CBTTAPE.ORG the utility DAF (Dataset Audit 
>      File # 094 DAF from Mike Cleary - Dataset Audit Facility
>It can read all SMF Data and provide summary information based on
>   Program Name
>   Job Name 
>   Date 
>   DSN
>And so forth.
>I used it recently to see anything touching a specific library or program name.
>It was very helpful.
>You can see if DAF can help.
>Hope that helps.
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>> From: IBM Mainframe Discussion List [mailto:IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU] 
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>> Subject: Any SMF statistics available for LOAD of a program?
>> As the subject says, are there any such SMF statistics available?  We 
>> need to know if certain subroutines are ever LOADed anywhere in the 
>> sysplex by any batch program.  We do collect SMF data, but I need to 
>> know which one may help, if any.
>> I am not the systems programmer here, so I do not have access to any
>> systems- level SMF parameter information or operator commands, I have 
>> to request that information from the performance team.  I am just an 
>> application programmer trying to track information down to aid an 
>> application project.
>> TIA for any assistance you can provide.
>> Peter

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