Unfortunately I have no access to any SMF data here and I am prohibited from 
running DCOLLECT for myself by security rules, so DAF while no doubt useful to 
others is not much use to me here.

These are old dynamically LOADed and called COBOL subroutines that we are not 
sure of the actual usage.  If they ever do get LOADed and called they will 
DISPLAY identifying information in SYSOUT, but that then requires reading the 
SYSOUT archive extensively to determine whether they were ever actually used.  
That also only answers the question of usage for as far back as the SYSOUT 
archive holds, which can be an issue if actual usage is (for instance) yearly 
or less often.

Archive scanning is tedious but doable.  My initial request was part of 
deciding whether we need to use the tedious path or not.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.


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There was a product you could purchase called SoftAudit.  It could do some of 
what you are looking for (If I remember correctly)

The other options some shops took, was having their programs issue a WTO 
indicating what module called what.  Probably well past what you could work 
with at this point.

Another option was to create a calling program, that would cut an user SMF 
record to collect some of this data.

Where you are at, you might need to purchase a product, like SoftAudit, that 
could do some of this analysis.  

I think it would be very difficult to actually identify anything that is 
executed from a LINK, XCTL, or LOAD function.  Very little in SMF other than 
the pgmname that can be captured.  If you are asking - Can I identify when a 
subroutine SUBA is called - probably not.  If you want to know when MAINA is 
used, probably yes

What you could do is download from CBTTAPE.ORG the utility DAF (Dataset Audit 
      File # 094 DAF from Mike Cleary - Dataset Audit Facility

It can read all SMF Data and provide summary information based on

   Program Name
   Job Name 

And so forth.

I used it recently to see anything touching a specific library or program name.
It was very helpful.

You can see if DAF can help.

Hope that helps.


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> Subject: Any SMF statistics available for LOAD of a program?
> As the subject says, are there any such SMF statistics available?  We 
> need to know if certain subroutines are ever LOADed anywhere in the 
> sysplex by any batch program.  We do collect SMF data, but I need to 
> know which one may help, if any.
> I am not the systems programmer here, so I do not have access to any 
> systems- level SMF parameter information or operator commands, I have 
> to request that information from the performance team.  I am just an 
> application programmer trying to track information down to aid an application 
> project.
> TIA for any assistance you can provide.
> Peter

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