On Wed, 9 Aug 2017 20:58:11 +0100, CM Poncelet wrote:

>FWIW Any SMP/E PGM=GIMSMP (or any other PGM=) in batch TSO can be
>executed in REXX. All that is required is that the DDNames and datasets
>be allocated - either as preallocated SMPPLOG, SMPPTFIN, SMPHOLD etc. in
>the CSI's GLOBAL, TLIB and/or DLIB zones, or as 'ALLOC etc.' overrides -
>and then issuing a "CALL GIMSMP" or "CALL <full path DSN>(GIMSMP)" in REXX.

But I suspect the OP was seeking a solution that didn't involve scraping a
listing data set.

>The GLOBAL zone names will always be called 'GLOBAL'. The TLIB and DLIB
>zones can be called anything you choose, and can all be associated with
>a single GLOBAL zone (but this is not recommended unless they are
>'separate' FMIDs of a same product).
In which case, they might as well, or better, be in a single zone pair,
especially if load modules are built with cross-FMID INCLUDEs.

>If the question was meant to be "How to find all the CSI DSNames in
>SMP/E via REXX", I cannot answer. Their DSNames could be anything,
>including e.g. the DSNs of clones of production etc. SMP/E CSIs.
If the DSNames are in DDDEFs (highly recommended) they can be listed
with SMP/E commands.  At times, a question has been posed here,
"Can I, for a one-off, overide in JCL the DDDEFs in the CSIs?"  Yes, but
don't do that!

(How useful has the new-fangled DD *,SYMBOLS=JCLONLY proved to be
in making CSI definition UCLIN more consistent?)

-- gil

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