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> If the DSNames are in DDDEFs (highly recommended) they can be listed
> with SMP/E commands.  At times, a question has been posed here,
> "Can I, for a one-off, overide in JCL the DDDEFs in the CSIs?"  Yes, but
> don't do that!


I have a preference to use JCL with dd’s in the step(proc) for maintenance.

I have been burned by a fellow sysprog as he managed to put the maintenance in 
the wrong zone. 

After the IPL I started to get the phone calls saying that X is still broken. 
The time it takes is a PITA. I then have to track down what went where.
I also get a black mark from the programmers and my boss for screwing it up. 
The black mark from the programmers is aggravating as then they stop trusting 
me and I have to earn their trust back. The boss is not so forgiving even when 
a 3rd person is involved. His answer is your fault as you didn’t verify what 
the person did. Personally I don’t have the time in the day/evening to check 
out what fellow sysprogs did. About 20 years ago I was putting in 100 hour work 
weeks and it burned me out.
Once I figure out what happened, that means paper work and another scheduled 
I can *TRUST* JCL and not worry about the DDEF’s which are for all intents 
purposes is invisible.

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