And to add to Ed's list

I just did an internet search on the keywords


Lots pops up. Here are a couple

IBM Systems Magazine - JES2-job-group

In z/OS V2.2, JES2 provided new support called Job Execution Controls so that 
customers could have better control over the execution of related jobs; looking 
at the different states a job group can encounter, and what situations will 
trigger transitions into those states.
IBM Systems Magazine - JES2 Job Execution Control Concurrent Job ...

These functions are available via JEC and via JOBGROUP keyword on the SCHEDULE 
JCL statement. The first article in this series provided a broad overview of 
JEC and in particular an example illustrating BEFORE, AFTER and CONCURRENT 
dependencies. This article will discuss concurrent dependencies in further ...
IBM Systems Magazine - JES2 Job Execution Control New in z/OS 2.2

Introducing new features in z/OS 2.2: Job Entry Subsystem Job Execution Control 
and Deadline Scheduling.
IBM Systems Magazine - Tips & Techniques
Technical articles that provide tips and techniques to help IBM System z 
mainframe customers implement solutions. Subtopics include application 
development, miscellaneous, system tuning and systems management. ... JES2 Job 
Group State Transitions. Web Exclusive | ...


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