>We don't mount the IBM provided /etc /var file systems for actual use.   We 
>use those to compare with what we have.
>AFAIK, there is NOT any SMPE that updates those anyway, its just what 
>Serverpac provides.  
>I never mount those filesystems for SMPE maintenance and never get any errors.

SMP/E LIST DDDEF will confirm that assumption.  It's been a while since I've 
had to do z/OS maintenance, but I've learned not to take anything for granted 
with SMP/E, and especially with z/OS UNIX filesystems.  

IF you find any DDDEFs pointing to /etc or /var, they would need to be changed 
to some variation of /service as you hopefully do with your version FS.  If you 
manage multiple target and distribution pairs, I highly recommend using 
automount to ensure SMP/E mounts the matching version root FS for the target 
zone and SYSRES.  A colleague (who frequents this list), set this up at a prior 
shop of ours.  It was not trivial.  He had a ServiceLink Q&A open with IBM for 
weeks, and there was much discussion among the team and extensive testing.  
However, once the various maps were defined (we had to support multiple 
versions of languages as well), the DDDEFs were updated, and we modified our 
cloning process to keep up, everything worked flawlessly.

IJS, I would not take the lack of errors as a golden stamp of approval.  We 
were burned badly by this assumption - our SYSRES and version FS (and SMP/E) 
got out of sync, and we had no obvious indication.  If memory serves, we had to 
dig through the SMP/E LOG (the job SYSOUT was probably long gone) to find that 
SMP/E had done exactly what it was told to do:  apply UNIX elements to the 
wrong path/filesystem.


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