On Fri, 9 Feb 2018 23:23:15 +0000, Frank Swarbrick wrote:
>My personal wish would be that OPTFILE have an option to specify one or more 
>DD names that it would open, rather than SYSOPTF being the only name.  If that 
>had been available we'd probably use OPTFILE(DB2OPTF) or some such thing. 
Good idea.  Best might be the list of DDNAMEs, although that could be
accomplished by JCL DD concatenation.

>Of course that doesn't really solve your particular RFE.  Sounds like you need 
>a new compiler option that tells the compiler to use SYSOPTF if present, but 
>only if the new option is specified.
I thought the objective of the RFE was to circumvent the 100-byte JCL PARM 
Doesn't PARMDD suffice for that?  I'd be inclined to reject the RFE.

-- gil

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