And no real reason a program could not support 64ki-1 bytes. Not looking at the 
specs for "standard linkage" but there is no real good reason to treat the 
length as signed.

Beyond that would require a significant change in the linkage.


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On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:00:10 +0000, Farley, Peter x23353 wrote:
>PMFJI here but the limit with PARMDD is 32K I believe.  JES/JCL limit is 100, 
>not 255.  The COBOL questions is, does the compiler correctly process PARMDD 
>input > 255 characters, and if so which version(s)?  Only V5+?  I could 
>understand V4 not supporting it, but not V5+.
This is hardly such a novelty:  for a half-century the Assembler 
CALL/LINK/ATTACH macro could invoke the compiler with up to 32Ki-1 bytes in 

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