On Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:45:38 -0800, Charles Mills wrote:
>    ...
>2. When the above happens, will CVTTZ and CVTLDTO get updated on the fly? If
>I inspected them one second would I see an offset of, e.g., 8 hours (in TOD
>or "TOD-high word" format as appropriate) and if I inspected them a second
>later I would see 7 hours?
Be aware that the (E)TOD clock advances at a consistent atomic clock rate,
oblivious to changes in CVTLDTO and CVTLSO.  That's the best part of the

But will z/OS (or its successor) ever attain the sophistication of Linux or Java
which calculate the adjustment for a wide range of times and locales with no
need for a semiannual update of control blocks?  (This even works for Java
under z/OS.)

Then design of the TIME macro with its assumption that only two time zones
matter is absurdly antiquated in this era of multinational operations.

-- gil

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