On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:42:17 -0800, Charles Mills wrote:

>Thanks all. Yes, I'm well aware of the points that Skip and Allan make. 
>Question one was mostly curiosity. What I really needed to understand was the 
>"timeliness" of CVTLDTO and I have that now, thanks to an off-list reply. 
>(Yes, it is updated immediately when the local offset is changed, either by 
>command or by the ETR.)
Is there a "local offset" other than CVTLDTO, or are they the same thing?

I suspect a minuscule timing window if CVTLDTO is updated between a
program's (even OS code's) STCK and fetching CVTLDTO.  This could
result in an error of an hour or an absurd local time result.  Does the
code underlying the TIME macro account for this?

-- gil

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