Tom, good points.

However, I've been working with the SMF data, and have to say it's not very 
helpful. Similar in fact to the system-level health check. The SMF record only 
says that User Key common storage was allocated by some program in this address 

But which program in this address  space did it? The SMF record doesn't say.

We have third party vendor code who's programs run in a variety of address 
spaces. Is it the address space flagged by the SMF record, or is the culprit 
actually a third party product that interjects it's code into the "victim" or 
target address space? The SMF record doesn't say.

Back some years ago, when we were cleaning up obsolete/ancient console 
identifiers, I seem to recall a console tracker facility that gave us actual 
honest to god program names.

How about something like that?


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