The environments in which (mis)use of userkey common occurs make tracking 
via generic tracker generally not possible. 

It has been possible to reject these situations for well over 10 years. 
And much of z/OS testing does exactly that. 

The PER IF SLIP trap approach that is provided is a very effective way to 
capture anomalous cases, particularly once you have gotten to the point 
where these are exceptions, not business as usual.
If you're going to ask someone (IBM or otherwise) to "prove" if they are 
or are not the culprit, you are likely going to have to run with this SLIP 
trap to catch (and then identify) the culprit.

You should consider running with the SLIP trap. When/If it catches 
something, identify it (and get a fix underway), set up a SLIP trap to 
ignore that one, repeat.

Peter Relson
z/OS Core Technology Design

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