This is, actually, a request for records - I was using the 1-byte average 
record size because I thought the original poster wanted to allocate in 
megabytes.  If you want to request records and you know the LRECL or the 
average LRECL,  use AVGREC=U/K/M,  and SPACE=(avgLRECL,(pri,sec))  where 'pri' 
and 'sec' are in records (AVGREC=U), thousands of records (AVGREC=K), or 
millions of records (AVGREC=M).

My only problem with this was convincing application programmers to use it. I 
used it all the time, but still found application programmers trying to 
calculate efficient block sizes (they did, eventually, see the BLKSIZE=0 light) 
and use various 'space calculators' to come up with a number of cylinders.   I 
proposed, but never got to do, a 'what you don't know about zOS' class to touch 
on some of these things.

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