On Fri, 07 Apr 2000 11:25:40 PDT, Dennis Glatting said:
> Huh? You have a choice: (a) obtain a client that does support
> security; and (b) get a new ISP. Both are plentiful.

Only if a client supporting security is available for your software
(which might be be something other than Netscape/IE - the Web and the
Internet are not the same thing.  There are platforms that (for instance)
have a telnet client, but no ssh client.

Only if a client supporting security is available in your country.  Some
countries still have issues regarding cryptography.

Only if a new ISP is available in *your area*.  In many parts of the country,
if you require ISDN, DSL, cable modem, or anything else that's faster than
a 56K-over-POTS, your choices are severely limited, and may in fact be zero
for some technologies.

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