At 10:49 AM 13/04/00 -0700, Eliot Lear wrote:
>Part of the problem here is that a knife may be used as a food utensil or a
>weapon.  Safe handling, however, is always required, and should be


>I would add two other comments.  I tried to locate the RFC for HTTP/0.9,
>but the best I could find was a reference to a CERN ftp site for the

Ooops. s/0.9/1.0 - rfc1945.

>   In any case, by the time HTTP got to the IETF it was deployed
>over a vast number of end stations, and comparisons to it are probably not

NECP is a super-set of various load-balancing technologies already deployed 
at thousands of sites.

>Finally, rechartering is precisely what you ought to have done, and should
>do, IMHO.

For the record: this is exactly what we are doing. (We were waiting for the 
two starter documents to be published or at least start their path via the 


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