Hi guys, 

 I am new to whole linux kernel as well as networking domain. I am largely an 
application layer developer.

 I have been working on customizing Openwrt routers with the intent of creating 
something like 'Whatsapp for Routers' which should be able to take care of 90% 
of serious networking needs (including corporates) without needing to employ a 

 I am on this for an year. Made some decent progress. Deployed some of the 
routers on production. Now hitting some scaling issues. I am now looking to 
create a testbed kind of setup where we could simulate 100 (or more) parallel 
networking clients who connect to the router, do some random downloads & log in 
a file as to time taken for downloads, errors if any. 
 For a start, I figured https://github.com/saravana815/dhtest is a good start 
point. It can help me create multiple of such clients which could do complete 
dhcp thing with the router. I am now trying to find a way to expand the 
code-base to have the ability to do http calls like download & upload. 

 Can somebody point me to the right code I would be looking at ? If someone has 
prior experience doing something similar, please share your work here. 


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