I have been a user of Simple DNS for several years, and many individuals on this forum have spoken highly of the product.

I've been using Version 4.1 for a while, and finally decided to upgrade to version 5.

What a disaster ... the conversion went smoothly, all the records, all of the configuration setting looked correct, but DNS lookup simply did not work. Tried over 24 hours to get a hold of SimpleDNS support via the support telephone number on their website and via email.

After 9 hours, got a single line email back from them asking if I had a switch enabled, which I did.

About 3 hours later, with no improvement, I reinstalled Version 4.1 and everything went back to normal.

As requested SimpleDNS asked me to forward my configuration file ... it took them almost 72 business hours to answer that they couldn't find anything wrong ... they asked me if I could try some other things ... I told them I wouldn't do this without a telephone call, since I couldn't afford to take our DNS down for days awaiting email support. Asked if this could be arranged. After 48 hours no additional email.

I have emailed them asking for a refund of my upgrade fees. With such a critical program such as DNS, there has to be a prompt support mechanism. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that SimpleDNS can support their product properly IMHO.

I guess I'm stuck on Version 4.1 for now.

David Dodell

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