> I  have  been  a  user  of  Simple  DNS  for several years, and many
> individuals on this forum have spoken highly of the product.

Dave,  I'm  sorry you had this trouble. You're probably going to get a
couple  of  people  who  will  immediately  tell you to use one of the
open-source alternatives. Yet in an equivalent situation to yours, you
would not have gotten the expert JIT support you needed without a paid
contract.  A  giant  support community doesn't mean you'll have people
that will hold your hand for free; if you don't pay for support, there
is absolutely no guarantee you'll get it when you want.

Obvs.  you  went  with a commercial product hoping they'd be there for
you,  and  they  weren't.  That  sucks. I've used and recommended SDNS
since v3 (no upgrade difficulties through v5), yet I will admit that I
never  recommended  them  based  on  emergency support, but on overall
fullness  of  features,  performance, security reputation, ongoing bug
fixes,  etc.  I  wish  you had posted an OT post about your prob and I
would have tried my best to help you out remotely.


Sanford Whiteman, Chief Technologist
Broadleaf Systems, a division of
Cypress Integrated Systems, Inc.

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