On Nov 7, 2008, at 5:19 PM, Sanford Whiteman wrote:

open-source alternatives. Yet in an equivalent situation to yours, you
would not have gotten the expert JIT support you needed without a paid
contract; if you don't pay for support, there
is absolutely no guarantee you'll get it when you want.

And I agree, but I did pay for the product, and would expect some type of support short of 2 emails over 7 days. They do not offer a seperate support contract as you know, and would hope they would support a product in some fashion. I am not expecting instant support, but after they have asked me to do a few tests, I can't wait 48 to 72 hours to get an email response back. I have no problem setting up a pre-appointment time for the support ... I understand what you are saying, I guess I feel I did pay for the product, and there should be some support mechanism within the first xx number of days.

Obvs.  you  went  with a commercial product hoping they'd be there for
you,  and  they  weren't.  That  sucks. I've used and recommended SDNS
since v3 (no upgrade difficulties through v5)

And I agree, I have been happy with the product since v 3 myself ... my upgrade to 5 hasn't gone well, and they haven't been there. And a return email from them advising me that they can't find anything wrong in my config file (which is fine) after 48 hours does not allow me the luxury of debugging what has gone wrong over a 7 days period.

fixes,  etc.  I  wish  you had posted an OT post about your prob and I
would have tried my best to help you out remotely.

I appreciate your offer to help ... I'd still like to upgrade to them, I paid for the license and went back to 4.1 to keep us running ... it is still my intention to go to 5.0 if I can get some help to do so from them.


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