On Monday 07 August 2017, Jonah Adkins wrote:
> Hey OSM,
> I'd like to propose an import of GIS data for Dare County, NC. The
> source data was graciously provided by the GIS staff with compatible
> license for import.

What i am missing at the first glance is:

* any reference to the source data including the data itself, license 
statement, data specification (date and method of survey etc.), 
attribute documentation (what the attributes you translate into OSM 
tags originally mean).
* documentation of the attribute to tag conversion on the wiki.

> There’s around 19,000 buildings, most of which include an address,
> building type, and year built.
> I will be conflating existing OSM edits with GIS footprints during
> the process, as well as validating/fixing any issues.

It would be important to know beforehand how many buildings currently 
exist in OSM in the area and how many of those overlap with what you 
want to import (as well as other data in conflict like roads, water 
areas etc.)

Christoph Hormann

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