at a glance:

1. May I ask what your regular OSM account is, i.e. the one you use when
not doing imports?

2. Have you tried to enlist the help of other people who have mapped in
the area (check
users who stand out seem to be "Lfratb" and "earthstephen", both haven't
been doing much recently but maybe this project can reactivate them.

3. Note that building=school, building=church, building=hotel would be
typically used if the building is a school building, church building,
hotel building, independent of its current use. A church now housing a
cafe would be building=church, amenity=cafe, whereas a residential
building housing a church would be building=residential,
amenity=place_of_worship, and so on. A derelict hotel would still be
building=hotel even if it might have lost its tourism=hotel tag. This
means that your suggested tagging of (e.g.) building=church would only
make sense if the source data actually contains information about the
building type; "there is a church here" isn't a reason for placing

4. Github page contains typo "chruch" but I assume that's not in the
data, just on the page.

5. Wiki page contains word "shapeless" where it might have meant

6. Would be nice to upload some document scan or at least email
confirming what you write about the license.


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