Le 12/08/2017 à 01:49, Maren Hachmann a écrit :
> Would it be possible to make the following usability improvements in a
> later iteration?
> - Show more than one string/platform that needs to be translated
> - Don't show anything that isn't required for translation
> - Put them next to each other for translators (English + translator's
> language, ideally)
> It is now possible that translators can change the release *package
> files*. Is this intentional?
> Maren
> Am 11.08.2017 um 23:41 schrieb Martin Owens:
>> I've updated the permissions for all translators, can you access them now?

Yes, I can! Thank you. I also see new submenus ‘Edit Release…’, etc. in
menus that were previously empty.

I agree with Maren that the interface is quite heavy and disturbing for
translators. There are many, many items (that you must load one by one),
Releases take time to load, and quite few Release platforms need a
translation. For a straightforward work, we should have a reduced form
for Releases and forms to translate directly many strings for Platforms
and Release platforms. It looks quite hard to dive in it to make the
translations currently.

Other notes:
* The ‘code name’ of releases is useless as we don’t have a code name,
but three versions had it set to the version number, so the version
number was displayed twice in the download page’s <title>. I’ve removed
the code name for 0.92.2, but if I also do it for 0.92.2pre0 and
0.92.1pre1, it shows the prereleases without you have to click on ‘Show
more…’ on the Download page.
* I’ve touched the CSS of Release Notes (to have a line-height of 1.5 as
it is on the website’s other pages) and marked some strings for translation.
* I’ve copied the wiki’s rendered HTML (with a few modifications for
images) for some Release notes, and I have wonders about the structure
to use as an introduction (because 0.92 did not have an introduction…).
Should we put the Release date in the text? It is stored in a special
field, so ideally it could be written automatically by the app.

Best regards,

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