Hi, Fred,

To wrap up:

- Subnet Redirects appear to rely on AERO-specific mechanisms, so would
not be of more general relevance to a bis doc IMO

- multiple link addresses are already part of the Ethernet spec and
already handled by most IP over Ethernet implementations (and TOS
marking correlation is defined in 802.1p).  When you assign more than
one link address to a single physical interface, you're acting as if you
have multiple links. At that point, the forwarding table indicates not
only the next-hop IP but the outgoing link -- for multiple link
addresses these are treated as different virtual interfaces already.

- I agree that IPv6 ND was done in an INTAREA WG; the same might be true
for AERO, but the INTAREA WG should be a place where generic aspects of
all Internet layer issues should be addressed, not domain-specific
solutions (IMO).

AERO might be one doc, but it is 60+ pages with over 70 revisions. I don't 
think it would be useful to bog down INTAREA with something that large.


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