On pe, 2016-10-14 at 13:18 +0100, Chris Wilson wrote:
> In preparation to support many distinct timelines, we need to expand the
> activity tracking on the GEM object to handle more than just a request
> per engine. We already use the struct reservation_object on the dma-buf
> to handle many fence contexts, so integrating that into the GEM object
> itself is the preferred solution. (For example, we can now share the same
> reservation_object between every consumer/producer using this buffer and
> skip the manual import/export via dma-buf.)
> v2: Reimplement busy-ioctl (by walking the reservation object), postpone
> the ABI change for another day. Similarly use the reservation object to
> find the last_write request (if active and from i915) for choosing
> display CS flips.
> Caveats:
>  * busy-ioctl: busy-ioctl only reports on the native fences, it will not
> warn of stalls (in set-domain-ioctl, pread/pwrite etc) if the object is
> being rendered to by external fences. It also will not report the same
> busy state as wait-ioctl (or polling on the dma-buf) in the same
> circumstances. On the plus side, it does retain reporting of which
> *i915* engines are engaged with this object.
>  * non-blocking atomic modesets take a step backwards as the wait for
> render completion blocks the ioctl. This is fixed in a subsequent
> patch to use a fence instead for awaiting on the rendering, see
> "drm/i915: Restore nonblocking awaits for modesetting"
>  * dynamic array manipulation for shared-fences in reservation is slower
> than the previous lockless static assignment (e.g. gem_exec_lut_handle
> runtime on ivb goes from 42s to 66s), mainly due to atomic operations.
>  * loss of object-level retirement callbacks, emulated by VMA retirement
> tracking.
>  * minor loss of object-level last activity information from debugfs,
> could be replaced with per-vma information if desired
> Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <ch...@chris-wilson.co.uk>

This was already:

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