Quoting Joonas Lahtinen (2018-02-09 07:48:21)
> Quoting Chris Wilson (2018-02-09 01:11:34)
> > We want to de-emphasize the link between the request (dependency,
> > execution and fence tracking) from GEM and so rename the struct from
> > drm_i915_gem_request to i915_request. That is we may implement the GEM
> > user interface on top of requests, but they are an abstraction for
> > tracking execution rather than an implementation detail of GEM. (Since
> > they are not tied to HW, we keep the i915 prefix as opposed to intel.)
> There are also some req -> rq renames in addition to function renames.
> If we're touching this much code, would it make sense to at least
> consolidate the parameter names into "request" or "req" when touched
> here.

Never req. I always used rq in the pre-existing code as shorthand, and
request otherwise.
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