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Em Ter, 2018-02-06 às 19:54 +0000, Patchwork escreveu:
== Series Details ==

Series: ICL display initialization, selected patches (rev3)
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/37668/
State : warning

== Summary ==

Series 37668v3 ICL display initialization, selected patches

Test gem_sync:
         Subgroup basic-all:
                 pass       -> SKIP       (fi-pnv-d510)
         Subgroup basic-each:
                 pass       -> SKIP       (fi-pnv-d510)
         Subgroup basic-many-each:
                 pass       -> SKIP       (fi-pnv-d510)
         Subgroup basic-store-all:
                 pass       -> SKIP       (fi-pnv-d510)
         Subgroup basic-store-each:
                 pass       -> SKIP       (fi-pnv-d510)

IGT-Version: 1.21-g3fd9b578 (x86_64) (Linux: 4.15.0-CI-Patchwork_7913+

The fact that these SKIPs don't happen in the test of rev2 and the
changes from both rev1->rev2 and rev2->rev3 are not related to pnv at
all suggests that these skips are unrelated to this series.

A small search on the other recent CI results points me to lots of
patches resulting in a SKIP -> pass for this test, with some others
doing the opposite. Perhaps we could signal this a a bug in the CI

Result flipflops are handled through cibuglog which connects (test,host) to fd.o bug. There is no bug for PNV for this issue, it's quite rare as can be seen from


(the bug seem to appear after failure on gem_ringfill@basic-default-hang)

So yes: in this case CI gives misleading result, but that can be easily checked (by human) from history. Work is being done towards cibuglog-ng that is much easier to use to detect and create bugs like this, and has better knowledge about previous runs.

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