Hi Maarten,

thanks for pointing out the issue,

not only start value, end value is also incorrect. I got the root-cause for both. but this end value issue seems to be always there. end value should be -1 (because start block should also be counted)
Will fix both & upload the reworked patches.


On Monday 19 September 2016 03:25 PM, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
Op 14-09-16 om 14:36 schreef Mahesh Kumar:
There was an issue with transition WM, it was getting enabled & causing fifo 
I fixed the condition, After that tested kms_plane & not getting any underrun.
Please let me know if you see any other issue.


On Tuesday 13 September 2016 06:10 PM, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
Op 13-09-16 om 14:15 schreef Kumar, Mahesh:
From: Mahesh Kumar <mahesh1.ku...@intel.com>

This patch implements new DDB allocation algorithm as per HW team
suggestion. This algo takecare of scenario where we allocate less DDB
for the planes with lower relative pixel rate, but they require more DDB
to work.
It also takes care of enabling same watermark level for each
plane, for efficient power saving.

Changes since v1:
   - Rebase on top of Paulo's patch series

Changes since v2:
   - Fix the for loop condition to enable WM

Signed-off-by: Mahesh Kumar <mahesh1.ku...@intel.com>
I'm still getting underrun issues when running the entire patch series against 
kms_atomic_transition and kms_plane.
Can you confirm?

Found it..

During the test run:
# cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_ddb_info
                   Start     End    Size
Pipe A
   Plane1              0       0       0
   Plane2             30     890     860
   Cursor            860     892      32

Pretty sure the start value here is bogus, and plane2 wm's end up overlapping 
with cursor.


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