Hi internals,
I Would like to present a possible new "::func resolution" for your

In first place, PHP now support "::class" in this way:

use My\I18N;

$mapped_array = array_map([I18N::class, 'translate'], $array);
It avoid add Full I18N  namespace in callback.

However with functions is different:

use function \My\I18N\i18n_translate;

$mapped_array = array_map('\My\I18N\i18n_translate', $array);

What is the useful here of importing the function?.
My proposal is ":func" in order to avoid full namespace in callback of
functions. E.g:

use function \My\I18N\i18n_translate;

$mapped_array = array_map(i18n_translate::func, $array);

"<string>::func" should validate if a function with `<string>` is imported.
In this case, "<string>::func" is replaced with FQN of this function,
otherwise with only "<string>"

What is your opinion ? Do you see it useful ?

Thanks and I'm sorry for my English( I'm a Spanish ).


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