On 26.04.2022 at 17:21, Aaron Junker wrote:

> I have some interest in doing this. I think I know PHP and git very well and 
> I also know more or less how the PHP internal processes work. However I have 
> two doubts/questions:
> 1. How much time do I need for this task? I can't really estimate this. I 
> sure have would have some time to spare, but definitely not too much.

That very much depends.  Doing the releases (every 2 weeks) may take an
hour or so (or much less if you're using some automation).  The other
tasks may easily take more time, especially until the first GA release.
 Note, though, that there is a second RM, so the work can be distributed.

> 2. I don't really know C. The mail says you don't necessarily have to. I 
> could learn it if necessary though. So how bad would it be if I couldn't 
> program in or understand C?

As release manager, there is no need to *program* in C, but you should
have at least a working understanding of C to be able to roughly assess
PRs and commits, and to be able to resolve merge conflicts, if these occur.

Christoph M. Becker

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